Emotes standards

Emotes are a very strategic asset that requires proven standards.
Kinetix Emote Standards designed for an optimal Games compatibility

Emote standards that maximize Games compatibility

Kinetix has carefully benchmarked every emotes available on the market to come up with these emote standards that match any avatar-based game constraints to ensure an optimal gamer experience (example: avoid collisions) and the full compatibility of any emotes distributed through our infrastructure.

Emotes metadatas for an optimal visibility

Each Kinetix Emote, whatever the type, comes with a rich metadata structure for an optimal listing and perception from your users:
  • Name: Every Emote has a unique name.
  • Category: see Emotes categories for more info
  • Sub-Category: see Emotes categories for more info
  • Description: Detailed written description for listing and fetching purposes
  • Mature content: Y/N, useful metadata for moderation purposes
  • Emote duration: Kinetix emotes have a duration in between 1 to 10 sec
  • Emote Icon: All Kinetix emotes come with an associated icon for an optimal emote listing and distribution
  • Emote Gif: All Classic Emotes come with an associated gif for an optimal apprehension of the Emote on Kinetix avatar
  • Emote ID: A unique ID composed of 36 characters to identify any Emote available.
All the Emotes, Embedded Emote library and User Generated Emotes have a unique and unchanged ID so you can easily identify and track Emotes at every step.
Kinetix is taking moderation of Emotes creation and usage very seriously. The team has designed a comprehensive moderation management system detailed here