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Questions about our User-Generated Emote feature? Let's answer it!

What is the User-Generated Emote feature?

With the User-Generated Emote feature, players can create a custom emote from any video, directly in the game, and play it on their avatar. All it takes is a phone camera or any video for Kinetix's AI to create and play an animation in-game. Learn more: User-Generated Emote

Who is the User-Generated Emote feature for?

The User-Generated Emote feature is for players to create custom emotes in game.

For the moment, Kinetix does not offer any emote creation tool for developers.

What games or apps can integrate the User-Generated Emote feature?

Our technology is made available to any avatar-based game and virtual world!

We offer services adapted to every stage of development and our very flexible monetization models allow you to freely choose how you generate revenues with Emotes.

Go to Tested & approved Game Engines for the SDK to know more abour our AI Emote technologies compatibility.

If you have any question, you can reach out to us through our Contact us page.

What types of video files can I use to create emotes?

You can learn all about the required specifications here: User-Generated Emote specifications

Recording the video yourself? Learn about the best practices here: Video recording best practices

How does the Kinetix AI works?

You can learn all about our User-Generated Emote technology here: User-Generated Emote For specific question about

How can a game value the User-Generated Emote feature?

Kinetix provides a complete flexibility and freedom over distribution and monetization of user-generated emotes.

As there is nothing rarest than a unique emote created by your gamers, we recommend to sell those emotes at the highest price.

Does Kinetix provide icons with the user-generated emotes?

Every emote from the Kinetix ecosystem comes with its associated icons that can be personalized based on your rig/avatar (if provided).

Kinetix also provides a library of emojis that you can be used for user-generated emotes to make them match your UI.

Is it possible to customize the icons of the emotes?

Yes. Once you have integrated the User-Generated Emote feature in your game, you can manage the way emote icons appears using the Developer Portal. Head to the "Emote Icon Manager" tab and customize your icons!

How can I make sure user-generated emotes will not damage the game experience?

This is a frequent question from games that are integrating Kinetix as Emotes can completely ruin a gameplay and make your gamers' avatars fall from a cliff while performing their favorite emote.

Kinetix has benchmarked and designed a bulletproof standard for its Emotes to ensure maximal playability in every virtual context.

You can review our Kinetix Emote Standardsto understand how Kinetix solves this issue.

How to associate my game with Kinetix?

Register on https://portal.kinetix.tech/signup to generate your VirtualWorld API key and starts leveraging Kinetix's AI Emote technologies.

There are 2 types of Keys:

  • Limited - Free key used for tests and pre production purposes. ou won't be charge anything using that key in preprod environment

  • Unlimited - Free key used for production purposes. Access to the key is free then depending on your usage you might be charged based on our policy. Free usage until 5000 Monthly Active emote Users.

Does Kinetix handle emote moderation?

Yes, we do! For User-Generated Emotes, we have set moderation mechanisms in place. It includes algorithms specifically designed to detect prohibited moves. When creating their emotes, users have to agree to the Terms & Conditions that prevent them from creating harmful content.

Eventually, as emotes are really dependent from how they are used in-game context, we developed a moderation tool to lets our partners remove any harmful Emotes from their game or app. You can access it on the Developer Portal (in the UGC Moderation tab).

Learn more UGC Moderation

What is Kinetix pricing model like?

The pricing associated with Kinetix User-Generated Emote pipes is per API call: every time an emote is generated (API called) by one of your users/players, Kinetix will charge you with a fixed price. No upfront or integration costs!

Exceptional discounts can be applied based on expected volumes and adapted to preferred partners and early adopters that are part of the Ambassador Program. For more information, contact us.

How do you manage interpenetrations with user-generated emotes and avatar mesh?

Every emotes distributed through Kinetix SDK and API can be optimized with the "contact aware retargeting" that retargets emotes on the target rig before their distribution.

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