🕚About Kinetix

We boost video games' engagement with an AI-powered User-Generated Emote technology.

Established with a passion for redefining the way players connect, express, and engage, Kinetix have embarked on a journey to enhance the gaming experience. We believe in the power of AI to serve in-game self-expression, customization, socialization and limitless creativity.

Our mission is to empower game developers to unlock the full potential of their game. We're here to provide them with the tools and resources they need to elevate player engagement, keep the games fresh and dynamic, and immerse their players in social, customizable, and expressive gaming world.

We believe that players too, can be creators, through UGC. There is no greater tool than generative AI to empower players with fantastic creation opportunities, without requiring any technical difficulties. By giving players the tools to craft their emotes, Kinetix fosters a vibrant and inclusive community where player expression is celebrated.

To achieve this vision, we believe that there is no better asset than Emotes!

About Emotes

Emotes are animations that express any gamers' emotions like dances, gestures & celebrations. They are a key asset for communication & socialization on any 3D virtual or gaming project as soon as they are:

  • Avatar-based

  • Multiplayer

Why you should consider having emotes in your game:

  • Highest conversion rate asset: Emotes have the highest conversion rate among all in-game purchase categories, reaching 5.6%.

  • Increases player retention: Using emotes can increase player engagement and retention rates. Emote users have a 2.4x higher retention rate.

  • Most desired in-game feature: Emotes are one of the most desired in-game features by players, with 47% of respondents expressing interest in them.

Key advantages of Emotes for a next level virtual experience

Emotes are a magical asset that:

  1. Enhance players socialization: Emotes provide a non-verbal form of communication that goes beyond traditional text or voice chat. They allow players to express themselves, convey emotions, and interact with others in a more immersive and intuitive manner. This enhances social interactions and fosters a sense of community within virtual worlds.

  2. Enrich personalization and self-expression: Emotes allow players to personalize their avatars and express their individuality within the virtual environment. They provide a means of showcasing creativity, style, and personality. This level of customization and self-expression enhances player engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Drive next level immersion: In real-life interactions, non-verbal cues play a crucial role in communication. Emotes replicate these cues by enabling players to express emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, or surprise. They help establish emotional connections and facilitate social bonding between players, creating a more immersive and authentic virtual experience.

  4. Heavily monetize: Emotes offer substantial monetization opportunities for game projects. By providing unique and desirable emotes, developers can create a market for virtual items and collectibles. Players are willing to invest time and money to acquire exclusive or limited-edition emotes, thereby driving revenue for the game project.

  5. Differentiate your project from the rest: Emotes can set a game project apart from its competitors. Having a wide range of high-quality, interactive, and diverse emotes can attract and retain players. It showcases a game's attention to detail, commitment to user experience, and understanding of the evolving virtual landscape.

About Kinetix's User-Generated Emotes

We developed our AI-powered User-Generated Emote technology to enable any game or virtual world to benefit from the potential of UGC. Empowering players with the possibility to craft emotes increases engagement, socialization & customization in-game and unlock new revenue streams.

The User-Generated Emote feature is essentially an emote creator to be embedded directly in-game, allowing players to craft custom emotes from any video.

Bring customization & self-expression using Generative AI

Our AI-powered User-Generated Emote feature

Let your players create & play custom emotes directly in your game, using our AI-powered User-Generated Emote feature. Integrate it with just a few lines of code, and boost your game's engagement as you empower your players with unlimited expression capabilities.

🖌ïļpageUser-Generated Emote

Kinetix Emotes work with any humanoid avatar

Every emote created with the User-Generated Emote feature can be played with any humanoid 3D avatar.

Kinetix technologies include a proprietary retargeting algorithm that automatically transfers the motion of the emote to any human avatar in your game.

In case your avatars have a specific or complex morphology, our proprietary Contact-Aware Retargeting might be applicable to avoid inter-penetration while playing any emote.


Optimized to maximize in-game performance

Our cloud-based technology is designed to enable an unlimited amount of Emotes to be played simultaneously without altering the game performance.

Also, multiple players can create and/or play User-Generated Emotes in the same time, without damaging their in-game experience or your servers.

🏂pageKinanim (Emote streaming)

Our technologies support your growth and empower monetization

Unlocked monetization capacity

Once onboarded with our User-Generated Emote feature, you can monetize the created emotes the way you want, if you want to! You possess all rights to monetize every emotes distributed via our technologies to your users.

Endless monetization opportunities

Kinetix's User-Generated Emote feature adapts to your revenue model and unlock various monetization opportunities based on emotes.

  • In-game stores: Integrate User-Generated Emote creation tokens in your in-game store. Monetize User-Generated Emotes and make them exclusive and rare items that only your top players can showcase.

  • Loot boxes and crates: diversify the content of your loot boxes by offering User-Generated Emote creation tokens.

  • Battle Pass: Fill your Battle Pass with valuable items including User-Generated Emote tokens to diversify the content of your Pass.

Why you should leverage Kinetix's User-Generated Emote

Leveraging Kinetix's User-Generated Emote offers a multitude of compelling reasons to enhance your gaming experience and player engagement. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Emotes create memorable and shareable moments for players. By empowering them to express themselves with custom moves through their avatars, you cultivate a sense of personalization and social interaction, leading to increased player engagement and retention.

  2. Immersive Gameplay Experience: User-Generated Emotes add a new layer of immersion to your games. They allow players to express emotions and interact with the virtual world in a more meaningful way, enhancing their overall experience and emotional connection to the game.

  3. Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Kinetix's User-Generated Emote technology is driven by state of the art AI, setting it apart from traditional emote systems. Embracing AI technologies early makes your game a precursor!

  4. Future-Proof Your Game: As AI continues to advance, Kinetix AI Emote technologies position your game at the forefront of innovation. Embracing AI-driven technologies lays the foundation for integrating AI-generated assets, worlds, and experiences into your gameplay, keeping your game relevant and exciting for years to come.

  5. Effortless Integration: The Kinetix SDK is designed with simplicity in mind. Integrating our SDK into your existing game engine is seamless, saving your development team valuable time and resources. It allows you to focus on creating compelling gameplay and content while we handle the complexities of emote management.

  6. Monetization Opportunities: UGC can open up new revenue streams for your game. With our technologies, you can offer players the chance to customize their experience and invest in their in-game identities.

  7. Continued Support and Updates: By leveraging Kinetix's User-Generated Emote, you gain access to ongoing support and regular updates. We are dedicated to refining our technology and adding new features, ensuring that your game remains at the forefront of the industry.

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