Kinetix provides a User-Generated Emote feature to boost your game's engagement and revenues.
Welcome to the Kinetix documentation. You will find tutorials and technical information to help you navigate our technologies and integrate them in your game or app.
Kinetix's User-Generated Emote is a plug & play solution that allows your players to create their own custom emotes directly from your game, and play them on their avatars. All it takes is a phone camera or any video for Kinetix's AI to create and play an animation in-game.

Quick start: Integrate Kinetix's User-Generated Emote & leverage the power of Emotes in 2 steps only!

1. Integrate Kinetix technologies into your game
2. Leverage the full power of Kinetix's technologies at Run Phase

Integrate Kinetix into your game engine

Kinetix's User-Generated Emote feature is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any of the most popular game engine available on the market.
To integrate Kinetix's User-Generated Emote, you can choose from 2 options:
  • An all-in-one solution with the Kinetix SDK
  • A more flexible solution with the Kinetix API
Choose the integration method that fits your needs best:
Learn more about our AI UGC technology
Integrate the API
Manage your Emotes at Run Phase
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