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Kinetix provides Emote AI technologies to boost your game's engagement and revenues.
Welcome to the Kinetix documentation. You will find tutorials and technical informations to help you navigate our technologies and integrate them in your game or app.
Kinetix's technologies are a plug & play solution that covers the complete emote lifecycle so you don't have to deal with coding emotes anymore.

Quick start: Integrate Kinetix's technologies in 3 steps & leverage the power of Emotes!

1. Integrate Kinetix technologies into your game
2. Customize the Kinetix tools to match your needs & design
3. Leverage the full power of Kinetix's technologies at Run Phase

Integrate Kinetix into your game engine

Kinetix's AI Emote technologies are designed to be seamlessly integrated into any of the most popular game engine available on the market.
Choose the integration method that fits your needs best:
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