Welcome to the official documentation of Kinetix.
This documentation explains everything you need to know about creating 3D animation projects with Kinetix!!!

What is Kinetix?

Kinetix is a no-code 3D creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our free web-based platform leverages AI motion capture to convert videos into 3D animations.
We make 3D animation accessible to every creator so they can create engaging stories and web3 experiences. By facilitating 3D content creation, we want to empower creators by creating new revenue opportunities for them.
Kinetix’s AI only captures human movements 🤓
How to make 3D Animated Avatars
Create your animated avatars in 3 simple steps

How does Kinetix tech work?

Once you upload your video, our unique pipeline will automatically extract the motions of the characters present in the video. To make the magic happen, we built a state-of-the-art algorithm combining advanced techniques from computer vision, machine learning, and signal processing.
Our method can be divided into 3 main steps:
  1. 1.
    Detect: A neural network detects all the persons and zooms on each of them individually. Wonder what a neural network is? It’s a very young yet powerful estimation technique mimicking the brain 🧠. So here is a first brain working for you!
  2. 2.
    Extract: Another neural network (another brain just for you) analyses the cropped characters and extracts the motions of the different body joints.
  3. 3.
    Optimize: A safeguarding check is done to ensure that the two previous neural networks worked properly. Here we use good old statistical methods because old wisdom tempers youthful ardor. Their goal is simple: make the extracted motions as smooth as possible so that you enjoy watching your creations!
Once the animation is ready, you can play it on the avatar of your choice. You can adapt it to any body type as shown below. This method is called Retargeting in 3D animation jargon.
Retarget on any body type
That’s it! Now you can export your fully rendered 3D model anywhere, be it in your favorite Metaverse, on your phone, or in a technical 3D animation tool!
And the best part is that no coding knowledge is required! Kinetix is a no-code platform directly running on your browser. You can create your wildest experiences effortlessly.
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What is Kinetix?
How does Kinetix tech work?