SDK or API: what to choose

There are two ways of integrating Kinetix's Video-to-Animation AI technology (for User-Generated Emote). Through a standard REST API or by integrating Kinetix's SDK.


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    API & SDK: functionalities comparison
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    Additional work that remains once you've integrated the API or the SDK
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    Pre-requisites to integrate one or the other
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    Next steps to integrate

1. API VS SDK: functionalities comparison

SDK vs API - Technical comparison
With who Kinetix servers communicate:
With the SDK, the request (for exemple the video to process) will come directly from the end user.
For the API, Kinetix will receive these requests from your game server that will take them from the users
The AI runs on Kinetix's servers
In both cases, the compute of the video is run on Kinetix's servers, never on the your servers nor the end-user's computer.
Optimized Retargeting Technology
In both cases, by uploading your avatars in the Developer Portal, you will be able to have the user-generated emotes directly retargeted on the users' avatar(s).
By using the SDK, you also have access to a real time retargeting that can be used to play an emote that is not known yet by our system.
Video Uploading Management
If you integrate the SDK, we have pre-built a QR-code-based web tool to help the user record or upload a video that we will process. You can modify the UI/UX afterward.
If you integrate our technology with the API REST method, you will have to build it on your own.
Management of Emote Networking
Once the video has been transformed into an emote thanks to our technology, it is vital to send that emote in real time to every other users that will need to see it. This is taken care of in an optimized flow in our SDK, but that will need to be re implemented if you choose to integrate the API.
Emote Moderation Management System
In both cases, you will be able to check which user owns which emotes, and remove a specific emote from a specific user. AI Moderation
The AI Moderation system is a Work In Progress tool that will be released very shortly! It will allow you to make sure there are no 'unsafe' emotes that are integrated in your game.

2. Additional work that remains once you've integrated the API or the SDK

The SDK does not require any additional work from you for the User-Generated Emote to work in your game: the SDK is a complete infrastructure with prebuilt solutions.
After you've integrated the API, you still have to handle the system to allow the user to upload the videos and the network system that will allow everyone in the room to see the emote in real time.

3. Pre-requisites to integrate Kinetix's AI technologies with the SDK or API

4. Next steps to integrate the SDK or the API

Follow the flow from these sections to integrate the SDK or API.

Unsure about the most relevant integration method? Let's chat!

If you need help to choose between the SDK and the API, do not hesitate to contact our technical team! You can reach out to Ben, he will get quickly back to you!