Glossary of terms

Because Emotes and animations intricacies can be hard to grasp.
API: Application Program Interface
Avatar: Representation of a gamer in a game. Refers specifically to a rig and mesh designed by the game (or third party avatar provider)
Emote: Emotes are animations that express any gamers' emotions like dances, gestures & celebrations.
Emote catalog: The pool of Kinetix emotes publicly available for every games
Emote Infrastructure: Technical solution that handles the full emote lifecycle with content creation, management and integration in-game
Emote SDK: Integration solution of the Emote infrastructure for any engine compatible games
FBX file:
Game: Any video game, social application, or other virtual environments projects seeking to integrate Kinetix infrastructure.
Gamers: Game's users leveraging Emotes for various purposes.
GLB file: Stands for “GL Transmission Format Binary file”. A standardized file format that is used to share 3D data, for example, the data for a 3D avatar model.