🏂Kinanim (Emote streaming)

The Kinanim format is engineered to elevate gaming experiences and optimize in-game performance, through intelligent emote streaming, efficient caching, and advanced retargeting capabilities.

Kinanim is a groundbreaking file format developed by Kinetix, designed to revolutionize the way emotes are streamed in multiplayer games. It introduces a smart network-based caching mechanism that optimizes bandwidth usage, reduces server load, and enhances the overall gaming experience. With Kinanim, Kinetix can efficiently stream a large quantity of emotes, providing players with a seamless and responsive emote experience. Furthermore, Kinanim incorporates emote retargeting, making it a powerful all-in-one tool.

All the networking & streaming is handled by Kinetix's servers using Kinanim.

The Kinanim technologies is included with the Kinetix SDK. Check it out:Integrate Kinetix SDK

Key Features

  • Network-Based Emote Streaming: Kinanim uses a network-based streaming approach to efficiently deliver emotes from Kinetix's servers to the SDK. It streams emotes in smaller, sequential portions, reducing the need for simultaneous data transmission of entire emotes.

  • Optimized Bandwidth: The network-based approach significantly optimizes bandwidth usage, ensuring that emote streaming is efficient and does not consume excessive data. Also, Kinanim alleviates the server load by selectively sending emote segments as requested, resulting smooth Emote stream for multiple simultaneously played emotes.

  • Great Responsiveness: Our system enables close to instantaneous responsiveness in emote streaming, allowing players to use emotes promptly without noticeable delays.

How Kinanim Works

Kinanim operates by streaming User-Generated Emotes from Kinetix's servers to the SDK, which will manage the attribution of the emote to the player's cache. When a player plays an user-generated emote, his client will not directly receive and read an animation file, but will rather receive portions of it through the SDK, including the specific character (avatar), that are transmitted via the network to their device in real time. Also, when a player plays an emote, the surrounding players will also download the played emote retargeted on the player's avatar so that everyone one will see the emote correctly.

In addition to this mechanism, the SDK includes a valuable feature that caches the most recent emotes played by the player. This feature from the SDK saves these emotes in the player's cache, reducing the need for repeated streaming of recently used emotes. By efficiently caching recent emotes, the SDK optimizes the player's experience and conserves both bandwidth and server resources.

This network-based streaming minimizes bandwidth usage and server load, ensuring that the emote is displayed promptly and without interruptions.

Kinanim Benefits

For Games & Digital Worlds:

  • No need to hardcode thousands of emotes in the game, which would result in very heavy game files.

  • All networking is handled by Kinetix (costs & know-how)

For Players:

  • Kinanim ensures that emotes are displayed promptly and without interruptions, enabling players to interact with one another in real time.

  • Players can own and play thousands of user-generated emotes with a simple push of a button. They do not necessarily need to select a few emotes to embed in an Emote Wheel as in Fortnite, for example.


With Kinanim, game developers can take their multiplayer gaming experience to the next level by providing efficient and responsive network-based emote streaming with emote retargeting, enabling players to customize their emote experience without affecting the game's performance.

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