Infrastructure key benefits

What can you get the most out of Kinetix emote infrastructure?
We know, integrating Emotes can be a hassle for developers as you need to manage: animation production, animation system, retargeting, networking, UI, emote production, catalog management, monetization...
We developed an Infrastructure to enable any game and virtual world, not only majors, to benefit from the potential of Emotes to increase socialization in-game and unlock new revenue streams.

Infrastructure benefits

Integrate our Infrastructure and get rid of the emote hustle for good:
  • Performance and scale with Core package: The core package manages critical tasks to enable the basic function of dynamically importing emotes in any avatar-based environment. The package includes
    • A built-in smart networking solution optimizing real-time Emote streaming for optimal gamers experience.
    • An Emote catalog management with an Account for each game and virtual world.
  • Multiple use cases with Modules: Benefit from on-shelf modules like our "Emote Wheel" or "Contextual Emotes". Each module comes with a customizable UI that you can easily activate based on your needs. Modules are tested and optimized for players' engagement.
  • Infinite Embedded Emote libraryready for monetization: Plug your game with a selection of Verified Emotes created by Kinetix and Brands and/or with User-Generated Emotes made with Kinetix AI studio. This endless catalog of Emotes brings fresh content to your players and opens up to endless monetization opportunities.

A model that supports your growth and lets you monetize

Unlocked monetization capacity

Once onboarded with our Emote infrastucture, you are free to monetize our emotes the way you want. You possess all rights to monetize every emotes distributed via our infrastructure to your users whatever the emote types monetized.

Endless monetization opportunities

Kinetix emote infrastructure adapts to your revenue model and unlock various monetization opportunities based on emotes
  • In-game stores: Add emotes category to your shop, list Kinetix emotes in your in-game store with our rich metadata attached to every emote and let your players buy the latest emotes released. Keep your store fresh with recurring updates. Monetize User Generated emote and make it an exclusive and rare item that only your top players can showcase.
  • Loot boxes and crates: Let your gamers buy loot boxes or crates filled with theme emotes. Make boxes and crates even more appealing with User Generated emotes unlocked.
  • Battle Pass: Let your players purchase a premium pass that provides them with additional items including related emotes that match with the theme of the Pass.
  • Ads / Rewarded video: Augment your revenue from Ads by distributing emotes to your players after a specific ads or rewarded video.
Know more about our Pricing to project your monetization with Kinetix.