Emote catalogs

Select Emotes you want to distribute and maximize revenues.
We know every games and virtual worlds have their own universe, gameplay and storytelling. They also have different views and models regarding User-Generated Content integration.
To adapt to this, we designed a solution that lets developers and publishers chose the Emote they want to integrate among our different Emotes categories (Branded, Verified, User-Generated) as formats (Emote asset, Emote NFTs) made available in our catalog.
Our monetization model is based on revenue sharing per called Emotes. We focus on building long-lasting partnerships and allow our partners to test and validate the value of selling Emotes in their games and virtual worlds by offering first Emotes sales for free.

Emote Types

Verified Emotes

Kinetix has developed a gallery of +1000 Emotes. We explain in the How to access our Emotes catalog?page how you can access this catalog to select the Emotes you want to offer to your users.
Click here to visualize some of our Verified Emotes

Branded Emotes

We also collaborate with Brands such as "Dancing with the Stars" to create Emotes series. You can browse our marketplace to discover all available Emotes collections. Please note, that they are distributed in NFT formats as of now.
We will soon propose Branded Emotes as Digital assets.
If you want to better know how you can benefit from branded Emotes for your game or virtual world we invite you to contact us at [email protected]​

User-Generated Emotes

You can decide to enable User-Generated Emotes by allowing your players to import their AI-generated Emotes made with Kinetix into their game. This solution allows your players to get access to unique Emotes for enriching how they socialize in your venue. You can learn everything about this process and its implementation in Emote Creation.
Regarding moderation we implemented rules at different levels, including safety check in our algorithms, to limit creation of harmful Emotes, this is detailed in our FAQ​

Monetization model

Our model is shared on our website pricing page.
You can always contact us to discuss about monetization for your game or virtual world.