Questions about our Emotes Management ? Let's solve them!


How to get your Game API key?

Register on to generate your VirtualWorld API key and starts leveraging Kinetix Emote infrastructure.
There are 2 types of Keys:
  • Limited - Free key used for tests and pre production purposes. ou won't be charge anything using that key in preprod environment
  • Unlimited - Free key used for production purposes. Access to the key is free then depending on your usage you might be charged based on our Pricing policy. Free usage until 5000 Monthly Active emote Users.


How can I list an emote for sell ?


Does Kinetix handle emote moderation?

Yes, we do with multiple solutions:
  • Our Branded and Verified Emotes have been tested in games and virtual worlds before publication in our catalog.
  • For User-Generated Emotes, we have set moderation mechanisms in place. It includes algorithms specifically designed to detect prohibited moves. When creating their Emotes Users have to agree to the Terms & Conditions that prevent them from creating harmful content.
Eventually, as Emotes are really dependent from how they are used in-game context, we are working on a moderation tool to let our partners remove any harmful Emotes from their virtual World. At the moment, you can already contact us to identify the ID of the player who has been reported with harmful content so we remove any emotes that he used to abuse other users.