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Kinetix Emotes

How can I make sure Emotes won't ruin my gameplay?

This is a frequent question from games that are integrating Kinetix as Emotes can completely ruin a gameplay and make your gamers' avatars fall from a cliff while performing their favorite Emote.
Kinetix has benchmarked and designed a bulletproof standard for its Emotes to ensure maximal playability in every virtual context.
You can review our Emotes standardsto understand how Kinetix solves this issue.

Is it possible to customize Emotes icons?

This is a feature requested by our community and we are already working on a tool to let you upload generic PNG matching your project aesthetic.
Soon, you will also be able to share your avatar's rigs and mesh so that we can automatically customize your Emotes Icons both for Embedded Emote library and User Generated Emotes

Does Kinetix provide Icons with the Emotes?

Every Emotes catalogs come with its associated icons that can be personnalized based on your rig/avatar (if provided).
Kinetix also provides a library of emojis that you can be using for both User Generated Emotes and Catalogs emotes to make them match your UI.

What are the difference between Branded, Verified and User-Generated?

To make it short:
  • Branded are Emotes created with brands, artists and celebrities
  • Verified are created by Kinetix;
  • User-Generated are created by users leveraging our AI.
This variety of Emotes allow games and virtual world to bring self-expression to the next level.
Learn everything about different Emotes categories in Introduction to Emotes

Can I distribute some specific Emotes in my game?

Yes! You have full ownership over the content distributed.
You can filter the emotes to be distributed by our SDK by:
  • Types: Branded, Verified, User-Generated...
  • Categories: Roleplay, Gameplay ...
  • Sub-categories
Go to Emotes categoriesto review all categories associated with Kinetix Emotes.

What games and virtual worlds can use Kinetix infrastructure?

Our technology is made available to any avatar-based game and virtual world!
We offer services adapted to every stage of development and our very flexible monetization models allow you to freely choose how you generate revenues with Emotes.
Go to Tested & approved environments to know more abour our infrastruture compatibility.
If you have any question, you can reach out to us through our Contact us page.

How can I get more Emotes?

Get access to our full Emote catalog with +1000 different Emotes, by following the process as indicated in how-to-access-our-emotes-catalog.

Emotes catalogs

Can I filter emotes based on their metadata?

Every Kinetix emotes come with a very rich metadata structure (see Emotes metadatas for an optimal visibility). The JSON of the Emote contains info about category and sub-category that you can leverage to build your own gameplay with Emotes.
See Emote JSON sample below for more info:

User generated emotes

How can a game value User-Generated Emote ?

Kinetix provides a complete flexibility and freedom over distribution and monetization of Emotes.
As there is nothing rarest than a unique emote created by your gamers, we recommend to use Emote Creation as a way to sell those emotes at the highest price.

Learn more about our monetization model in Infrastructure key benefits