Video recording best practices

Record the perfect video for optimal results with our technology
This page guides you through various guidelines, best practices, and tools to optimize video recording, selection and uploading for an optimized Emote output.

Optimize Import Video

Here are Kinetix recommendations to optimize video input:
  • Input video can be whatever human based videos:
    • your own recorded video
    • any trendy video from the web
  • For an optimal Emote, the ideal video duration should be 10-15 seconds.
    • Remember, maximum Emote duration is 10 seconds
    • Longer videos will take more time to upload and process

Recording your own video?

How to record your video?

Any mobile phone camera works or your webcam will also do 😉
  • Ensure your entire body is within the frame of the video.
  • Keep your camera stable & maintain a proper angle.
  • The camera should be stable and placed at head height or at least chest height. You can use a tripod to record the video.
  • Shoot the video against a blank wall without any openings or furniture.
  • You can use your laptop on a table to replace a Tripod with the front camera of your phone to ensure you are in the frame.

How to record your movements?

  • Ensure your movements are recorded within the frame of the camera.
  • Ensure your movements are restricted within a region of a radius of 1 meter.

What to wear?

  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes having the same color as the background.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with the same color as the ground and surrounding.

Top Tips

  1. 1.
    Eliminate all background noise with no human or animal movement.
  2. 2.
    Get rid of any furniture or objects that might interfere in detecting body part movements.
Kinetix’s AI only captures human movements! 🤓