ðŸ‘ŪUGC Moderation

Moderating User-Generated creation and Emote usage is fundamental for a fun and safe virtual immersion.

Kinetix is heavily promoting responsible user-generated content (UGC) creation and usage. Our moderation approach combines proactive measures and moderation strategies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all gamers. This page provides an overview of our comprehensive emote moderation strategy, relying on three key pillars:

  • framing and binding UGC usage before UGC creation

  • moderation of created content before integration into the game

  • support moderation in-game.

Let's dive into the details:

Frame and Bind UGC Usage Before Emote Creation

  1. Towards Gamers / Emote Creators: Kinetix implements content policies that require gamers to acknowledge the following conditions, which are to be integrated into the game's terms and conditions:

    • Agreeing to Kinetix and the game's terms and conditions

    • No copyright/trademark infringements in the emote's name and description

    • Consent for data collection

  2. Towards Games: Integrating User-Generated features come with a minimum layer of moderation effort from the games:

    1. Games can configure if they allow mature content to be created and distributed.

    2. If the target audience is below 18 years old, stronger moderation measures are applied to prohibit both mature and prohibited emotes.

  3. UGC Price: To discourage the creation of inappropriate emotes, Kinetix recommends to set a higher price for User-Generated emotes compared to regular ones. This pricing strategy motivates gamers to think twice before creating content that may be considered inappropriate (and thus deleted), as they are aware that their User-Generated Emote could be deleted if it does not meet the guidelines.

Emote moderation during creation and before its distribution

  • Moderation at Video upload and hosting: Kinetix has implemented a first control layer at the video upload stage when video enters Kinetix servers to control and validate the content present in the uploaded video. Leveraging a video analysis technology, Kinetix servers check if the video contains any atrocious or hateful content that should be immediately deleted.

  • Mature Content creation: Gamers have the ability to mark their emotes as "mature" content if applicable, providing transparency and allowing appropriate categorization by games.

  • Naming and Description NLP moderation: To prevent gamers from naming or describing emotes with harmful content, Kinetix is developing an NLP-based brick that will analyze and actively moderate emote names and descriptions.

  • User-generated emote creation moderation model:

    Kinetix has developed an AI-based moderation model to prevent the creation of most hateful and prohibited moves during emote creation process. This algorithm currently identifies and corrects basic prohibitive and offensive moves, such as the Nazi salute or the middle finger. Ongoing efforts aim to enhance the algorithm's capability to detect and prevent other prohibited and offensive moves.

  • [COMING SOON] AI-based flagging system : Kinetix is developing an AI-based flagging system to identify potentially offensive emotes. This algorithm, trained based on games specificities, will flag emotes that may be considered offensive. The game's moderation team will also be able to review and manage these flagged emotes based on their own guidelines. Additionally, our moderation team can handle the moderation process, ensuring a seamless experience for the game.

Reactive Moderation & Support of UGC

  1. Facilitate Reported Emotes Identification and Deletion: Developer Portal is a unified, secure, and accessible front-office for games to manage emotes usage in their game. Within the Developer Portal, games can identify and delete reported UGC in-game. This process helps improve the moderation system, as validated reports contribute to the learning and enhancement of our AI-based flagging system.

  2. Moderate UGC Capacity: Games moderation team has the authority to activate or deactivate User Generated emote creation for specific gamers based on their unique identifiers. This ensures that harmful gamers can be prevented from creating and distributing inappropriate content.

In order to configure your moderation strategy, go to:

🚊pageDeveloper Portal

At Kinetix, we are committed to upholding community standards and promoting a safe and inclusive environment within games. Our comprehensive emote moderation strategy aims to empower gamers while maintaining responsible content creation and usage. By leveraging proactive measures and AI-based moderation, Kinetix strives to foster an enjoyable and respectful experience for all gamers.

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