ðŸ§ĐSDK's Optional Sample scene

The SDK contains a sample scene for you to test the User-Generated Emote feature. The sample scene is obviously optional: you don't have to download it to activate the User-Generated Emote feature.

User-Generated Emote sample scene - for tests only

Try the Kinetix emote creation experience

To let you create user-generated emotes in your game for testing purposes, Kinetix developed a sample scene that is an optional part of the SDK. It will guide you through the whole emote creation process so you can get started with the User-Generated Emote feature integration.

By clicking on the "Let's create an emote!" button, you will access an adapted version of the Progressive Web App (PWA) your players will use to create emotes. It the test version you have access to, you can only upload videos from your desktop (while players can also record themselves or paste a video link from the Internet).

Follow the flow, and upload a video to create an emote.

Disclaimer: the "Create" tab and the emote wheel are not included anymore.

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