SDK's Optional Modules

Optional Modules are pre-coded features to help you save time while implementing emotes in your game's or virtual world's design.
Kinetix's SDK include different modules that you can decide to activate or not in your game or virtual world. They have all been optimized for driving engagement and retention.
To facilitate test & learn, the optional modules come with examples.
We constantly develop new modules. If you have new modules suggestions, please reach out to [email protected] and share your ideas!

User-Generated Emote in-game tool

Unlock your gamers Emote creativity and inventories with User-Generated Emote.
There are 2 ways to integrate User-Generated Emote:

Leverage Kinetix Emote creation experience

To let your players create user-generated emotes in your game, Kinetix developed a "CREATE" UI that is part of the SDK, and ready to be plugged in your game. It will display a QR code redirecting to a mobile web app where gamers can record or upload short videos. Once uploaded, these videos will be sent to Kinetix servers and AI, and will be turned into a playable in-game emotes.
Discover how gamers can create Emotes with "CREATE" UI:
Leverage Kinetix "CREATE" UI with API routes

Create your own UI & UX for User-Generated Emotes

The Kinetix SDK is also designed to let you create your own Emote creation UI and UX to make it match with your game's design, and avoid a potential UX cut. In other words, you can have your own branded system to let your players send their videos to Kinetix and receive playable emotes back.
By plugging the Emote creation API endpoints to implement the User-Generated Emote feature in-game, you can create and customize your own UI. All you need is to leverage the Broken link.
Create your own UI & UX for User-Generated Emote in-game with Broken link
The User-Generated Emote module includes:
  • QR code in-game (if you use Kinetix's "CREATE" UI) to let your players record and upload their videos on a web app.
  • In-game notification to let gamers retrieve their Emote in-game.
Head over to User-Generated Emote integration (Unity) & User-Generated Emote Integration (UE) to learn more and let your gamers create their own Emotes!