🔑Get your Game authentification API Key

Get your Game authentification API Key from Kinetix's Developer Portal to link your game with Kinetix technologies.

Register and onboard your game


Kinetix's SDK uses API keys to authenticate Emote requests. You can view and manage your API key in the Developer Portal.

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How to get your Game API key?

  1. Register on https://portal.kinetix.tech/signup to generate your Game API Key and start leveraging Kinetix's User-Generated Emote feature.

There are 2 types of Keys:

  • Limited - Free key used for tests and pre-production purposes. You won't be charged anything using that key in a pre-prod environment. Note that with a Limited key, the number of User-Generated Emote you can create is limited, to avoid issues.

  1. To request an authentification Game API Key on the Developer Portal, you need to have a game space created. If you do not already have a game space created, head to your dashboard, and create your game space by clicking on "Create a game".

  2. Then, click on the "Get API key" button, below "Activate your Game/App API Key.

  1. Copy and save your Game API Key. You will have to use it soon!

CAUTION: your Game API Key will be displayed only once. It is crucial that you copy and save it before closing the pop-up, otherwise you will have to restart the process!

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