🚧How to update Kinetix SDK in Unity?

When Unity's project is open, the Kinetix Package Manager will check if a new manifest is available and the Kinetix Package Manager window will appear to let you update the manifest and then the modules if you are willing to.

  1. Open the Kinetix Package Manager and click on "Check For Updates" button.

  2. If an update is available the button will change, you will be able to click on "Update Package Manager" button. This process will just update the manifest and not update the modules.

  3. After updating the Kinetix Package Manager, you'll be able to see which modules can also be updated. Click on the "Update Core Bundle" you have previously installed. You can first check the changelog to confirm if the update is minor and seamless or if it requires modifications on your implementation.

  4. After the update process is finished, the "Up To Date" label will be back to notify you the package is up to date and the Kinetix Package Manager has successfully updated the packages.

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