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The Kinetix SDK is a plug-and-play solution to integrate our User-Generated Emote feature and all the Kinetix technologies we have developed around it.

The Kinetix SDK is a powerful cloud-based toolkit that lets you leverage our advanced User-Generated Emote technologies easily.

Before considering integrating Kinetix SDK, check that your game engine is compatible with our SDK: Tested & approved Game Engines for the SDK

The SDK Integration can not be cumulated with the API Integration. Please, make sure that the SDK Integration is the most appropriate integration method for you by visiting the dedicated page: SDK or API: what to choose.

The SDK offers a complete infrastructure to integrate and manage the User-Generated Emote feature in your game or app

The User-Generated Emote feature

The Kinetix User-Generated Emote feature allows your players to create, share, and socialize with their own unique emotes whatever the game environment, adding a personalized touch to your gaming experience. Learn more about the User-Generated Emote feature.

The Kinetix SDK has been built around the User-Generated Emote feature, with simplicity in mind. The purpose of the SDK is to provide all the technologies, features, and scripts to integrate seamlessly the User-Generated Emote into any game.

The SDK's Core Package

The SDK's Core Package includes all the mandatory technologies and features a game needs to implement and leverage the User-Generated Emote feature at its fullest potential.

  1. Animation and retargeting system to always play high-quality emotes on any humanoid avatar, with constant level of performance.

  2. Networking and memory optimisations to deliver a great in-game experience by dynamically managing memory and synchronizing the avatar poses.

  3. Account management to easily manage the way emotes are attributed to your players, and synchronize metadata.

Learn more about the SDK's Core Package

Flexible & easy integration

Kinetix has developed its SDK to be easily plugged with any avatar-based 3D project:

  • No external server stream dependency. We share data packages your netcode can interact with. No need to be always connected with Kinetix's servers (learn more: Kinanim (Emote streaming)).

  • It works with all animator systems. We generate animation at runtime for any avatars. You can play it by default as we override the animatorโ€™s system or plug it to your custom system (learn more in Animation System - Unity & Animation System - UE).

  • The SDK matches with your design. Every modules' UI are provided as examples, you can customize them and create yours from scratch.

A nimble technical interface

Kinetix SDK is designed to seamlessly interface with any existing game infrastructure without interfering with Client or Game tech capabilities:

  • Kinetix servers are handling most of the effort with content creation, storage, management, and optimization.

  • Clients only carry the SDK's Core Package modules, essential to the SDK.

  • Game server only handles the relay of serialized pose.

Ready to integrate?

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