Video to emote

Turn any human based video into a game-friendly Emote!

Video to emote AI capabilities

  • Average uploading + processing time for a 5-10 sec Emote video = 5 min

Video to emote input specificities

  • Vidéo maximum duration = 10 sec
    • Video trim applicable to squeeze video duration down to 10 sec maximum
  • No file size limitations
    • There is no added value to input files > 1080p as the pipe will reprocess the format to 1080p. For example: 4k size will add up to 2 min processing time to reduce the file size.
  • Compatible with any video format
  • Up to 200 processable videos at the same time
  • Optimal results with 1 character based Video
    • If multiple character in the video, the machine learning process exports the longest animation detected
    • For an optimal output, it’s highly recommended to input a single character video
Check how to Optimize video recording for an optimal emote output

Video to emote output specificities

  • Emote directly accessible in-game and attributed to user
  • 1 character based Emote
  • All Emotes standards applied

Emotization script

On top of the existing AI models that transform any avatar based video into a 3D animation, Kinetix has designed a specific script for emotization that applies every Emotes standards on the processed animation with the following functions:
  • Reducing animation length to make it ≤ 10 sec
  • Matching start and end poses
  • Reducing animation height to make it ≤ 1 meter
  • Reducing animation distance to make it ≤ 1 meter
  • Ensuring the avatar doesn't reach the limits of the animation radius with attractive force
That way even if the input video doesn't perfectly match Emotes standards, the emotization script ensures the full compatibility of every emotes created with video to emote function.