Text to emote

Prompt anything, generate and play an Emote!
Not everyone can create and record a unique move, with Text to emote now all your gamers can create and own their unique moves. Let them prompt something and our AI does the rest!
Text to emote retrieval feature in a gamified environment with Kinetix SDK

Prompt to Emote retrieval

Kinetix has also designed a state of the art emote retrieval script leveraging Natural Language Processing that lets any gamer fetch an emote from an hidden emote catalog and instantly integrate it into the game from a text input.

How does it work?

The script analyses the text input from the gamer leveraging Natural Language Processing and associates the input with the rich metadata available for each emote in the catalog.
Once the association validated, the script outputs an Emote that match with the text input (based on its metadata).
If the gamer is unhappy with the Emote fetched, they can always shuffle to get another Emote associated with the text input.

Emotization script

On top of the existing Generative AI models, Kinetix has designed a specific script for emotization that applies every Emotes standards on the generated animation with the following functions:
  • Reducing animation length to make it ≤ 10 sec
  • Matching start and end poses
  • Reducing animation height to make it ≤ 1 meter
  • Reducing animation distance to make it ≤ 1 meter
  • Ensuring the avatar doesn't reach the limits of the animation radius with attractive force
That way even, the emotization script ensures the full compatibility of every emotes created with text to emote function.