User Generated Emotes

Empowering players expression and creativity 🎭
Welcome to the era of user-generated emotes!
Kinetix user-generated emotes features allow your players to create, share, and socialize with their own unique emotes whatever the game environment, adding a personalized touch to your gaming experience.
This documentation page will guide you through the exciting possibilities of user-generated emotes and how to integrate them into your gameplay.

What are User-Generated Emotes?

User-generated emotes is a unique feature that allows your players to design, create, and upload custom emotes to express themselves and socialize in your game.
These emotes can represent a wide range of emotions, actions, and gestures, reflecting each player's individuality and creativity.
By giving players the tools to craft their emotes, Kinetix fosters a vibrant and inclusive community where player expression is celebrated.

What are Kinetix User-Generated Emotes features?

Since its inception, Kinetix has always thrived to democratize access to 3D animation creation with Artificial Intelligence. To do so, the team has designed state of the art machine learning models that are nimblessly integrated into game oriented product bricks to make emote creation as easy as recording a video or writing text:
Video to emote
Upload or record a video and let our AI do the rest!
Text to emote
Not in the mood for a dance ? Simply write what you want!

Embrace the full potential of User Generated content

Unlock Emote Creation Tools

Thanks to Kinetix UNITY SDK INTEGRATION, you can now integrate as many User Generated emotes as you want without any downside on your games performances nor player immersion.
Go to Emote Creationo know more about how Kinetix SDK handles Emote Creation in-game.

Let Kinetix take care of moderation

Kinetix has designed a robust moderation system to review and approve user-generated emotes while keeping you in the loop.
Check Moderation for more info about our moderation approach.

Emote Integration in Gameplay

Integrate user-generated emotes seamlessly into your gameplay experience, allowing gamers to create, own and use their custom emotes for gameplay, interactions, and social activities.

Foster a vibrant community around user-generated emotes

Enrich your gameplay with User Generated Emotes features and Implement features such as emote sharing, liking, and commenting to encourage social interaction and engagement.

What is rarer than a unique asset?

Make User Generated Emotes an exclusive asset and monetize accordingly. We strongly recommend to consider UGE as the top tier in terms of Emote rarity.

User Generated Emote pricing model

The pricing associated with Kinetix User Generated Emotes pipes is per API call. We price a fixed price every time our APIs are called.

How to activate User Generated Emote module in Kinetix SDK?

In order for your gamers to use Kinetix User Generated Emotes features in your game, you need to activate the associated module.
There are 2 ways to unlock User Generated Emote features in your game:
  • Using our own Emote Creation UI with "CREATE" tab
  • Integrating our Emote Creation API endpoints in your own UI
Check Emote Creation to activate the User Generated Emote module.


User-generated emotes unlock a world of creativity and self-expression for games and their players, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. By embracing user-generated content, you can create an inclusive and dynamic gaming community that thrives on player participation and engagement.