Unity SDK 0.6.0 - May 9, 2023

Added :
  • Create UGC Emote with Companion in the new Create tab
  • Assign Verified Emotes to your users
  • Web2 user account handling
  • Kinetix SDK API interaction
  • Hide/Show Emote Wheel tabs
Updated :
  • New batch of 3 test Emotes

Unity SDK 0.5.1 - April 19, 2023

Updated :
  • Improved retargeting on high ratio avatar differences
  • Removed "Open" action from Input Action Map

Unity SDK 0.5.0 - April 17, 2023

Added :
  • Kinetix Package Manager to install modules of the SDK (Core, UI Common and UI Emote Wheel)
  • New Input system compliancy and new Input Customizer that let you customize inputs for any controllers. We do now support GamePad from scratch in addition to Touches and Mouse Input.
  • New example Photon Fusion for the network system integration
Updated :
  • Full rework on the network system that increase scalability and memory usage.
Update From 0.4 :
  • We have reworked the Network System for scability concerns. We have removed methods that allow to play an animation on remote peer. You can now synchronize the frame poses directly through your network system by using our Serializer and Deserializer (You can read more informations on Network Synchronization part)
  • We have removed the parameters MaxPersistentDataStorageInMB and MaxRamCacheInMB in KinetixCoreConfiguration for flexibility. By using our UI Emote Wheel, emotes will be free from memory by design. Otherwise you can call the Unload method in our API to free the memory.

Unity SDK 0.4.1 - March 31, 2023

Fixed :
  • UGC emotes are now centered on the avatar
  • Pages Label on the inventory is now refreshed
  • The error "'Animator' does not contain a definition for 'keepAnimatorStateOnDisable'" has been fixed.

Unity SDK 0.4.0 - March 06, 2023

Added :
  • Root Motion System
  • UI Customization (Light Theme, Dark Theme and Custom Theme)
  • Localization System
  • New Web2 package
Updated :
  • Removed "AddFreeAnimation" method from Account class. Refer to "Import Free Emotes" section in documentation.
  • Updated UI Initialization directly through the class KinetixUIEmoteWheelConfiguration in the KinetixUI initialization. Refer to "UI Integration" section in documentation.
Update From 0.3.0 :
  • If you were using "AddFreeAnimation" method, you can import animations locally now through our custom editor to import them locally.
  • If you were using the ScriptableObject ConfigurationUI, you can transfer your initialisation informations in parameter of KinetixUI.Initialize method.

Unity SDK 0.3.0 - January 27, 2023

Added :
  • MaxPersistentDataStorageInMB added in KinetixCoreConfiguration
  • MaxRamCacheInMB added in KinetixCoreConfiguration
Updated :
  • Improved Foot Correction Retargeting
  • Improved Memory Management
  • Reduced Emote Loading duration on remote peers
  • No more specific version of Newtonsoft required