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Will Kinetix SDK affect my game performance?

Our Kinetix Emote infrastructure has been developed to solve issues you are experiencing when integrating Emotes. Among different aspects what we optimized most is: network and memory.
We went through the process and developed a solution that facilitates Emote integration to a point where you will only have to focus on the fun of having Emotes in your project.
Head over to Core package to understand how we solve those problems for you

How many animations can be added to my game and what is the impact on the memory?

There is no limit, you can add as many Emotes as you want benefiting from our cloud-based catalog! Kinetix's SDK has been designed to optimize memory usage.
As explained in Core package​Network Synchronisation it only loads selected Emotes by users to generate related animations. Networking is also optimized with a pose extraction enabling to reduce by >200 times the memory used for broadcasting an animation.

How is retargeting process managed?

For optimizing user experience, retargeting process is queued as explained in Core package​Animation System. It means that we ensure all Emotes that appear as loaded on the players side will always be available to be played by them. Emotes that are still in the queue will appear has been loaded for players.

Can we handle a big amount of people being connected at the same time?

Yes, we made the necessary to allow as much players as possible to play Emotes at the same time! When hundreds of players use their loaded Emotes at the same time our smart networking solution optimize how peer-to-peer connection is managed. As detailed in Core package we only exctract poses of played Emotes and shared that reduced pose information with other players.
Eventually, we allow you to decide the memory allocated to the Emote networking so you can optimize it based on your needs. From our multiple tests we identified 50 mo as recommended memory.
Discover how to manage Network Synchronisation​

How do you manage collision ?

Our Emotes are following some standards in terms of axis to limit all potential collisions.
Moreover, we developed a Root Motion technology that you can decide to implement to ensure that the characters will not go through a wall, furnitures or any 3D decor elements.

Learn more about our Root Motion technology here.



How can I get more Emotes?

Get access to our full Emote catalog with +1000 different Emotes, by following the process as indicated in How to access our Emotes catalog?.

If my avatar is complex how will the animation be played on it?

What you see in our Emote catalog is what you get on your avatars!
However, if your avatar's rig is less complex than Kinetix's rig then you might have less detailed motions.
In any case, we are optimizing the retargeting with our proprietary retargeting technology and all Emotes you see in our catalog will always be consistenly integrated on your avatars.

Is it possible to customize Emotes icons?

This is a feature requested by our community and we are already working on a tool to let you upload generic PNG matching your project aesthetic.
Soon, you will also be able to share your avatar's rigs and mesh so that we can automatically customize your Emotes Icons.

What are the difference between Branded, Verified and User-Generated?

To make it short Branded are Emotes created with brands, artists and celebrities; Verified are created by Kinetix; and User-Generated are created by users thanks to our AI.
This variety of Emotes allow games and virtual world to bring self-expression to the next level.
Learn everything about different Emotes categories in Emote catalogs​

Can I chose distributed Emotes in my game?

Yes! You have full ownership over content.
We allow game and virtual worlds devs to select the categories of Emotes (Branded, Verified, User-Generated...) as formats (Digital assets, NFTs) they want to integrate in their projects. Our Emote infrastructure is flexible so you can use best services for your game.

Do you manage moderation?

Yes, we do with multiple solutions.
First, all our Branded and Verified Emotes have been tested in games and virtual worlds before publication in our catalog.
For User-Generated Emotes, we have set moderation rules in place. It includes algorithms specifically designed to detect prohibited moves. When creating their Emotes Users have to agree to the Terms & Conditions that prevent them from creating harmful content.
Eventually, as Emote are really dependent from how they are used in-game context, we are working on a moderation tool to let our partners remove any harmful Emotes from their virtual World. At the moment, you can already contact us to provide us with the ID of the player who has been reported so we remove any emotes that he used to abuse other users.



Is the Emote Wheel mandatory with the SDK?

The Emote Wheel is just one of the multiple options we offer to trigger Emotes.
You're free to chose among all modules we already propose which one works best for your project and even create your own ways to trigger Emotes.
Discover all Kinetix Modules​

Is it possible to not allow UGC Emote?

Of course! You always chose the Emote Infrastructure modules you activate in your game or virtual world.

What are the customization possibilities?

We designed our solution to be as customizable as possible.
You can fully customize all the UI, adapt the input system to your gameplay and manage the translation. We let you in control while providing you with different ready-made models and tools faciliating the customization process.
Check all customization possibilities in UI Integration​



Which games and virtual worlds can use the service?

Our technology is made available to any game and virtual world!
We offer services adapted to every stage of development and our very flexible monetization models allow you to freely chose how you generate revenues with Emotes.
If you have any question, you can reach out to us through our Contact us page.

How can User-Generated Emote be valued?

You are always flexible on how you decide to seel Emotes.
For User-Generated Emotes using the Emote Creation module we recommend you to provide credits per UGC prompt to your players. Those emotes will be generated by your user. As there is nothing rarest than a unique emote, we encourage you to sell those emotes at an high price.

Learn more about our monetization model in Emote catalogs.