Embedded Emote library

Select Emotes you want to distribute and maximize revenues.
Emotes are a very valuable assets that require extra care in the design and artistic conception. Kinetix has spent over 2 years structuring a top notch Emotes production pipe to consolidate the richest Emotes library possible.

Kinetix Emotes catalogs

  • Our catalogs contain 1K+ proprietary 3D emotes that match Kinetix very strict standards - they can be used in any avatar-based virtual world, game & sticker
  • The library is organised in categories and sub-categories (see Emotes categories)
  • Kinetix Emotes library is constantly being enriched with the most trendy moves and on-demand moves from partners
You can access and browse Kinetix Emotes gallery through the Kineportal.

Types of Emotes catalogs

Classic Emotes

Our catalogs contain 1K+ proprietary Emotes called "Classic Emotes". We explain in the how-to-access-our-emotes-catalog page how you can access this catalog to select the Emotes you want to offer to your users.
Classic Emotes are made by our team of 3D animators. They are composed of cleaned human based animations while non-human effects can also be applied to some Emotes.
Sign up through our Kineportal and browse our Classic Emotes gallery.

Branded Emotes

Kinetix also collaborate with Brands such as "Dancing with the Stars" to create Emotes catalogs attached to a strong brand.
Branded Emotes can be created by Kinetix 3D animation team on a case by case basis.
If you are a brand looking to create a specific Emote catalog or a game looking for a specific brand for Emotes, please reach out to [email protected]

User-Generated Emotes

You can decide to enable User-Generated Emotes by allowing your players to import their AI-generated Emotes made with Kinetix into their game. This solution allows your players to get access to unique Emotes for enriching how they socialize in your venue. You can learn everything about this process and its implementation in Emote Creation.
Regarding moderation we implemented rules at different levels, including safety check in our algorithms, to limit creation of harmful Emotes, this is detailed in our FAQ

External Emotes

Kinetix emote infrastructure also lets you upload and stream your own emotes catalogs to take the most ouf of the SDK capabilities. To do so, you just have to upload your emotes catalogs in Developer Portal and Kinetix infrastructure handles the rest.
That way you can still take the most out of your existing emotes catalogs, create your own emotes while still not worrying with the emote hustle.
More info about merging Emotes catalogs here.