Emote integration server side with our API

Assign an Emote to a user


Our SDK API is organized around REST providing a simple and secure way to retrieve an animation from a video. Our API accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Use your Game API Key

Requests must include the following key in headers:
x-api-key: <your_game_api_key>
Don't have your Game API Key yet ? Get your API Key in Kineportal

OAuth 2.0 authentication - implicit flow

The OAuth 2.0 method of authentication consists in generating an authentication token. This can then be used as tokenized temporary credentials.
The implicit flow is a browser only flow. It can be used in web applications that need access tokens and cannot make use of a backend. Ask for a client ID if you need to implement this flow.
Authorization endpoint

Assign an Emote to a user

Create a new user for your virtual world
Assign an Emote to a user
Fetch a user's Emotes
List the Emotes currently assigned to your virtual world
Get the Emote IDs of our example Emotes!