Emote creation server side with our API

Use our API endpoints to implement Emote Creation with your own UI
This section will teach you how to use our API endpoint to retrieve an Emote from a video input from your users.


The SDK API is organized around REST providing a simple, robust and secure way to retrieve an emote from a video. Our API accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Unlock your Game API Key

Requests must include the following key in headers:
x-api-key: <your_virtual_world_key>
Don't have your Game API Key yet ?Get your API Key in Kineportal

OAuth 2.0 authentication - implicit flow

The OAuth 2.0 method of authentication consists in generating an authentication token. This can then be used as tokenized temporary credentials.
The implicit flow is a browser only flow. It can be used in web applications that need access tokens and cannot make use of a backend. Ask for a client ID if you need to implement this flow.
Authorization endpoint

Get an Emote from a video

For Desktop applications, you can use those API endpoints to send a video file.
For Mobile applications, you can use those API endpoints with a fonction to ask users to record or upload their video file.
Users will be able to send their videos and get their Emotes in their bag.
Create a new user for your virtual world
Generate token
You will need to send the token you have created in previous endpoint in your header as x-api-token in order to use next endpoint. This token will only be useable for 5 minutes.
This ML process creates an Emote from a video file, please be aware the heavier the file you are sending as input is, the longer this process will take.
We recommend you to send videos where only one character is visible.
Create ML process
Get process status
List user Emotes