APIs overview

You can also use Kinetix APIs to tap into our Emotes.

APIs presentation

You can use the following APIs for 2 purposes:
Call any emote from Kinetix server
Leverage Kinetix Emote Creation AI

Emote integration with API

This API lets you integrate Emotes in your game with the following functions:
  • Attribute and associate an Emote ID to a user
  • Call an Emote ID and get its associated JSON with file
  • Manage the emotes associated to your key

Emote creation with API

This API lets you create Emotes stored in Kinetix server with the following functions:
  • Generate a token for this new emote
  • Enter and configure the input (video, text)
  • Launch the Machine Learning process to create the Emote from the input
  • Get the process status of the emote
  • Fetch dynamically the data when ready