Unity's Animator System

SDK Integration if you are using the official Unity's animator system.
Our SDK offers functions in order to handle smoothly Unity's Animation system.

Local player :

To register/unregister your local player animator :
KinetixCore.Animation.RegisterLocalPlayerAnimator(Animator _Animator)
To stop animation on local player :
Learn more about our Animation functions in KinetixCore.Animation

Remote Peers :

To register/unregister remote peer animators :
KinetixCore.Network.RegisterRemotePeerAnimator(string _RemotePeerUUID,
Animator _Animator)
KinetixCore.Network.UnregisterRemotePeer(string _RemotePeerUUID)
Learn more about our Network functions in KinetixCore.Network

NPC or other local avatars :

In addition to the local player or remote players, you can also register other avatars (to animate your npcs or shop avatars for example)
The registering of the avatar returns a string representing the unique Id (UUID) to pass as parameter to the subsequent functions.
string PlayerUUID = KinetixCore.Animation.RegisterAvatarAnimator(Animator _Animator)
You then load the animations with the avatar UUID
KinetixCore.Animation.LoadAvatarAnimation(string _PlayerUUID, string _EmoteID, string _LockId, Action _OnSuccess = null)
And play the animation with
KinetixCore.Animation.PlayAnimationOnAvatar(string _PlayerUUID, string _EmoteID)