Overriding Kinetix Localization

How to use your own translations for the Kinetix UI
To do so, please follow this procedure:
  • Duplicate the CSV file situated at Plugins/Kinetix/Translation/Kinetix SDK UI Translations.csv
  • Remove the entries you don’t need. Please note that you need to keep the tabulations for the translation to be connected to the wanted language.
  • Save your file and if it is not done already, import it into your Unity project
  • In Unity’s menu, go to “Kinetix > UI > Kinetix Translation Importer
  • Select your file in the window’s field
  • Click on the “Import” button
  • Your file has been renamed and moved. Its path is now “Assets/Resources/Kinetix/Translations/KinetixTranslationsOverride.csv
If you have override Chinese or Japanese languages :
  • Find in the hierarchy NotoSansSC / NotoSansJP / Your own fallback font
  • Select it and click on “Update Atlas Texture
  • Then find the character import method dropdown, and choose “Custom Characters
  • In the textarea, paste the characters from your file
  • Click “Generate Font Atlas
  • Scroll to click on the “Save” button
That’s it, you’re set and ready to use the Kinetix SDK with your own translations!