Input Customization

You can find documentation for the new Unity Input System we are using here.
You can modify your own Input Action Map
We have a default Input Action Map, where there is a list of all actions that control the entire UI.
You can create your own Input Action Map, and change the binding of any actions you want. For that, you need to create a new InputActionMap scriptableObject, by right clicking on the project window on the folder you want, then choose Create>Kinetix>CustomKinetixInputActionMap.
In the Custom Kinetix Input SO.asset file created, you can now change all the bindings of any actions, and add some keyboard or gamepad binding for example.
Then when you initialize the kinetixEmoteWheel, you can add this kinetixCustomInputActionMap in the KinetixUIEmoteWheelConfiguration, with the parameter kinetixInputActionMap. You can find an example in the samples folder.
KinetixUIEmoteWheel.Initialize( new KinetixUIEmoteWheelConfiguration()
kinetixInputActionMap = kinetixCustomInputActionMap
You have to call KinetixUI to Show and Hide the view and link with your Input System.