UI Integration

Configuration of the Emote Wheel at the initialization
The initilialization of the KinetixUIEmoteWheel can be done with a KinetixUIEmoteWheelConfiguration when the KinetixCore is initialized.
[SerializeField] private Animator localPlayerAnimator;
private void Awake()
KinetixCore.OnInitialized += OnKinetixInitialized;
KinetixCore.Initialize(new KinetixCoreConfiguration()
PlayAutomaticallyAnimationOnAnimators = true,
EnableAnalytics = true
private void OnKinetixInitialized()
KinetixUIEmoteWheel.Initialize( new KinetixUIEmoteWheelConfiguration()
customTheme = ECustomTheme.LIGHT_MODE;,
baseLanguage = SystemLanguage.English,
enabledCategories = new []
You can now initialize the KinetixUIEmoteWheel with parameters :
  • customThemeOverride => Your custom theme, priority over customTheme.
  • customTheme => Dark or Light theme depending on the enum ECustomTheme, by default if customThemeOverride is null.
  • baseLanguage => the language for the label of the Emote Wheel.
  • enabledCategories => Let you customize the categories you want to display in UI.