Learn about ready-made use case you can deliver to your players.
Kinetix's Emote Infrastructure includes different modules that you can decide to activate or not in your game or virtual world. They have all been optimized for driving engagement and retention.
To facilitate test & learn, modules come with examples, customizable UI, language localization tool so you can immediately integrate them to gauge reception before further customizing them.
Discover first modules made available to developers below.
We constantly develop new modules and invite you to join our Discord to discuss about next use cases you would like us to offer.

Emote Wheel UI

The Emote Wheel UI allows gamers to select their Emotes and play them anytime in-game with an Emote Wheel is the most popular use case for Emotes integration.
Our current infrastructure offers developers with a fashionable Emote Wheel:
Kinetix Emote Wheel demo
Emote Wheel includes:
  • Bag to display user's inventory of Emotes
  • Drag & drop function to customize Emote Wheel
  • Dark and light UI switchable at runtime
  • Customizable Wheel UI to fit your virtual world or game artistic direction
  • Language localization tool
Head over to UI Integration to learn more and integrate the module

Emote Creation

Unlock your gamers Emote creativity and inventories with User Generated Emotes.
There are 2 ways to integrate User Generated Emotes:

Leverage Kinetix Emote creation experience on-shelf

You can add the "CREATE" section within your game. It will display a QR code redirecting to a mobile web app where gamers can record or upload short videos that will be turned into a playable in-game Emote thanks to AI. Check Video to emote for more info.
Discover how gamers can create Emotes with "CREATE" UI:
Leverage Kinetix "CREATE" UI with Emote integration server side with our API

Create your own Emote creation experience

Kinetix SDK is also designed to let you create your own Emote creation UI and UX to make it match with your game and avoid a potential UX cut. Plugging the Emote creation API endpoints to implement Emote Creation with your own UI, you can create and customize your own UI by leveraging the Emote creation server side with our API.
Create your own Emote creation experience with Emote creation server side with our API
User Generated Emote creation includes:
  • QR code in-game (if "CREATE" UI activated) to access our video uploading and recording web app
  • Endless Emotes possibilities to unlock gamers self-expression
  • In-game notification to let gamers retrieve their Emote in-game.
Head over to Emote Creation to learn more and let gamers create their own Emotes

Contextual Emotes

Winning, losing, advancing levels... there are so many milestones to Emotize in games. To make every gaming moments more unique we allow your gamers to customize how their avatar react to them with Emotes.
Contextual Emotes module include:
  • Endless contextual possibilities with endless Emotes possibilities to let gamers express their personality in unique ways
  • Emote played automatically without any trigger
  • Customizable UI to let your gamers select their Emote for a given context and personalize their avatars' reaction.
Head over to Contextual Emotes to learn more and let gamers create their own Emotes

Emote hotkeys

Coming soon...
We know some gamers love to play their favorite Emotes in one click.
Our Emote hotkeys module has been designed to map any controllers inputs with Emotes. Devs can easily configure it so they offer a pre-set range of possible Emotes to their gamers.
Make sure to join our Discord dev channels to get support while integrating our SDK and learn about our future modules.