Core package

Discover how Kinetix Emote Infrastructure manages core functions for you.
When designing our SDK we focused on developing features that make you save time and allow you to easily integrate Emotes within your game. Each of the core package modules are flexible so they match with any dev environment.
Learn more about the 3 core modules inAnimation system, Smart networking & Account management.

Animation system

One of the many challenges developers face when integrating Emotes or animations in game is to retarget them on any avatars.
Our Infrastructure manages that with a proprietary system that fit with any animators (Unity's Animator or custom ones).
Kinetix's Animation System
When loading a humanoid avatar, Kinetix's Core Package calls the associated Emotes to handle the retargeting. The process consists of downloading the GLB file of the Emotes and retargeting them with the registered avatar to generate Legacy AnimationClips that perfectly fit your avatar(s). The retargeting process is optimized to keep a constant frame rate of your application. Each time a new emote is loaded it is added in the queue of the retargeting module and perform N actions per frame.
To avoid the conflict between generation of humanoid AnimationClip at runtime and the Animator, we developed a proprietary Animation System composed of "KinetixCharacterComponent", "ClipSampler" and "BlendAnimation" scripts. They are automatically added at the GameObject of your animator when you initialize your Emote Infrastructure.
That way, when a player triggers an Emote in-game, our core package samples at runtime the pre-generated AnimationClip. It guarantees to always play high-quality Emotes with constant level of performance. Once you have registered your animator, (Unity's Animator or custom animator) this process becomes seamless.
Head over to Animation System to learn more and integrate with your Animator

Smart networking

Emotes are a key asset to improve gamers' immersion and socialisation. However, it is also a great technical challenges to play multiple Emotes simultaneously.
To ensure a successful and immersive Emote integration, our infrastructure handles the full Emote integration by synchronizing the avatar poses and dynamically managing the memory to fit your limitations. Thus Smart networking module guarantees a great gamer experience with emotes.
Kinetix's Smart Networking Solution
The concept is to cache the Peers ID by registering them via our SDK. A KinetixCharacterComponent is added to both local and remote players. Using a simple implementation, you will be able to get the current pose of the local player and apply it to the remote player.
To ensure real-time communication between clients our solution compresses the volume of messages that are shared by only serializing poses from played Emotes. This technique is >200 times more lightweight than sharing Emotes files.
Head over to Network to learn more and configure the network for your game.

Account management

Managing and distributing the right content to the right gamer usually takes a lot of time and implies custom developments.
Kinetix's Emote infrastructure offers an Account management solution to fetch Emotes and their data with your gamers while guaranteeing their data privacy. It facilitates content distribution and monetization for you while ensuring that your gamers will easily retrieve their Emote in their inventory in-game in a seamless way. This cloud-based solution can be integrated by any games and virtual worlds including blockchain based.
Kinetix's Account Management
This Account management module also lets you track Emotes usage metrics and optimize Emotes distribution in your game accordingly (all metrics accessible from Developer Portal).

Getting started

Our Emote Infrastructure is currently available for Unity and will be coming soon into Unreal
Now, let's head over to:
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Head over to Account Management to learn more and configure accounts