Structure overview

Integrate Kinetix SDK to tap into our Emote infrastructure.
The Kinetix SDK is a powerful cloud-based toolkit that lets you leverage our advanced Emote infrastructure easily. It allows you to integrate seamlessly emotes with real-time network synchronization, and handle user account management effortlessly, enhancing the emotional depth and social interactions within your virtual worlds and games.

A complete infrastructure to handle emotes

Kinetix Emote infrastructure is composed of:
  1. 1.
    CONTENT: Kinetix lets you tap into 2 kinds of content:
    1. 1.
      USER GENERATED: all the emotes created by your gamers are created, stored and managed in Kinetix server. You can know more about User Generated Emotes here.
    2. 2.
      CATALOGS: all Emote catalogs that Kinetix has created and aggregated are stored and managed in Kinetix server. You can know more about our Emotes catalogs here
  2. 2.
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      Kineportal is your dedicated dashboard to let you configure, manage and moderate all the content streamed through Kinetix infrastructure into your game.
    2. 2.
      Once you have uploaded your game's avatars in Kineportal, you will be able to leverage our AI retargeting optimization that retargets all the emotes on your avatar(s) to even further optimize emotes streaming.
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      Core package contains the essential modules for the SDK to perform its basic functions
      1. 1.
        Animation and retargeting system to always play high-quality Emotes with constant level of performance.
      2. 2.
        Networking and memory optimisations to deliver a great gamer experience by dynamically managing memory and synchronizing the avatar poses.
    2. 2.
      Modules contains all the optional modules to take your Emote game to the next level

Flexible integration

Kinetix has developed its SDK to be easily plugged with any avatar-based 3D project:
  • No external server stream dependency. We share data packages your netcode can interact with. No need to be always connected with Kinetix's servers (learn more in Broken link)
  • Works with all animators systems. We generate animation at runtime for any avatars. You can play it by default as we override the animator’s system or plug it to your custom system (learn more in Animation System).
  • Matches with your design. Every modules' UI are provided as examples, you can customize them and create yours from scratch.

A nimble technical interface

Kinetix SDK is designed to seamlessly interface with any existing game infrastructure withouth interfering with Client or Game tech capabilities:
  • Kinetix servers are handling most of the effort with Content creation and storage, content management and content optimization.
  • Client only carries the Core package modules, essential to the SDK functions
  • Game server only handles the relay of serialised pose
Emote SDK technical interface

Alleviating tech dependencies

Kinetix is constantly improving its Emote SDK to reduce as much as possible technical dependencies with Cloud-based emotes system.
  • Caching most used emotes: Kinetix is working on an option of caching emotes on the gamer client. So even if gamer Client fails to reach Kinetix servers at initialization, gamers will be able to retrieve their emotes from the previous sessions.
  • Other technical optimizations are being explored to make Kinetix SDK always more nimble to integrate