Developer Portal

Manage Emotes distribution in real time with Developer Portal.
The Developer Portal is designed to centralize all your interactions with Kinetix Emote infrastructure in 2 steps:
  1. 1.
    Register and onboard your game
  1. 2.
    Manage your Emote infrastructure
See and master all Kineportal features
Kineportal gathers all the necessary features and functions to let any game manage its Emote infrastructure.

Register and onboard your game


Kinetix's SDK uses API keys to authenticate Emote requests. You can view and manage your API key in the Developer Portal.
More info on API key manager in Developer Portal below.

How to get your Game API key?

Register on to generate your Game API Key and start leveraging Kinetix Emote infrastructure.
There are 2 types of Keys:
  • Limited - Free key used for tests and pre production purposes. ou won't be charge anything using that key in preprod environment
  • Unlimited - Free key used for production purposes. Access to the key is free but depending on your usage you might be charged based on our Pricing policy.

Developer Portal features

API Key Manager

Tool to create your Game API Key that it is mandatory to use the Emote Infrastructure.

Avatar Manager

Tool to upload all your avatars and unlock AI retargeting mesh aware technology for all Kinetix emotes that can be integrated with our SDK.
Browse through our Emotes Gallery and see our +1000 proprietary Emotes made by our team of 3D animators. Our gallery is organized in categories and sub-categories (see Emotes categories) and can be integrated in any avatar-based virtual world or game through our SDK.


By specifying the URL where you want to receive the notifications of our webhook on your server, you get get real time status updates of the User Generated Emotes in your Virtual World.

User Moderation

Kinetix Emotes library is constantly being enriched with the most trendy moves and on-demand moves from partners!
Browse through all your users and moderate their Emotes:
  • Remove a User Generated Emote
  • Remove an Emote from Kinetix library for a given user

Emote Analytics

Coming soon...
Access all analytics related to Emote distribution and usage.

In-Game manager

Coming soon...
Manage dynamically in-game Emote distribution (shop & battlepass).