User-Generated Emote

Empowering players expression and creativity 🎭
Welcome to the era of User-Generated Emotes!
The Kinetix User-Generated Emotes feature allows your players to create, share, and socialize with their own unique emotes whatever the game environment, adding a personalized touch to your gaming experience.
This documentation page will guide you through the exciting possibilities of user-generated emotes and how to integrate them into your gameplay.

What is User-Generated Emote?

User-Generated Emote is a unique feature that allows your players to design, create, and upload custom emotes to express themselves and socialize in your game.
These emotes can represent a wide range of emotions, actions, and gestures, reflecting each player's individuality and creativity.
By giving players the tools to craft their emotes, Kinetix fosters a vibrant and inclusive community where player expression is celebrated.

How does the User-Generated Emote feature work?

Since its inception, Kinetix has always thrived to democratize access to 3D animation creation with Artificial Intelligence - UGE. To do so, the team has designed state of the art machine learning models that are seamlessly integrated into game-oriented product bricks to make emote creation as easy as recording a video.

Embrace the full potential of User-Generated Content

Unlock Emote Creation Tools

You can now integrate as many User-Generated Emotes as you want without any downside on your games performances nor player immersion.

Let Kinetix take care of moderation

Kinetix has designed a robust moderation system to review and approve user-generated emotes while keeping you in the loop.
Check User-Generated Emote Moderation for more info about our moderation approach.

Emote Integration in Gameplay

Integrate User-Generated Emotes seamlessly into your gameplay experience, allowing gamers to create, own and use their custom emotes for any interactive or social activities.

Foster a vibrant community around user-generated emotes

Enrich your gameplay with User-Generated Emotes features and Implement features such as emote sharing, liking, and commenting to encourage social interaction and engagement.

What is rarer than a unique asset?

Make User-Generated Emotes an exclusive asset and monetize accordingly. We strongly recommend to consider UGE as the top tier in terms of Emote rarity.

User-Generated Emote pricing model

The pricing associated with Kinetix User-Generated Emote pipes is per API call. We price a fixed price every time our APIs are called, which corresponds to every emote generated by a player.
A standard pricing of €0.10 per emote generated by your players will be applied.
Learn more about Pricing.

How to integrate the User-Generated Emote feature?

To let your gamers use Kinetix's User-Generated Emotes feature in your game, you need to activate the associated module.
There are 2 ways to unlock User-Generated Emote features in your game:
  • With Kinetix SDK: all-in-one solution that includes the access to the feature, in addition to multiple technologies to optimize the integration and run phase experiences. Integrate Kinetix SDK
  • With the Emote Creation API endpoints: access the emote creation feature only. You have to create your own infrastructure around the feature to support it.
Learn more about the SDK & API integration methods here: SDK or API: what to choose


User-Generated Emotes unlock a world of creativity and self-expression for games and their players, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. By embracing user-generated content, you can create an inclusive and dynamic gaming community that thrives on player participation and engagement.