Try the User-Generated Emote feature

Even though the feature is made for your players to create custom emotes in your game, you can try the feature on the Developer Portal.
We implemented a demo version of the User-Generated Emote feature so that you can preview what the feature will look like for your players on your avatars.
In this page you will learn how to try the User-Generated Emote feature for yourself. Players should never have access to your Developer Portal. If you want to integrate the feature in your game, head to the corresponding section: - Unity (SDK) - Unreal Engine (SDK) - API
To discover how you can try the User-Generate Emote feature on your custom avatar, you can follow this video guide:

Learn how to try the User-Generated Emote feature

STEP 1: log into your developer portal account.
STEP 2: in the "Avatar Management" section, click on "upload an avatar" and check the bone mapping. If you have any questions about this step, head to Avatar Management to find the dedicated tutorial.
STEP 3: in the "Try UGC Emote" section of the Developer Portal, click on "create an animation", and then on "From a video".
When uploading a video make sure you meet the best practices. Note that your players will have to follow the same best practices in your game.
If you need any information about the tool's specifications, you can learn about it here.
Once your video has been sent, our AI will need a couple of minutes to process the User-Generated emote.
In case an error happens, please contact us.
STEP 4: preview your user-generated emote on your custom avatar!